Are the products safe to use?
All our products are free from any Harmful and banned ingredients and 100 % safe

Are the products free from animal ingredients?
All our products are 100 % Vegetarian and free from any animal ingredients.

Can we use the products on daily basis?
Yes you can use all our products on a daily basis.

What to do if I get allergy from using any of the products?
Stop usage if any irritation occurs. Although our products are tested it may react on certain skin types which are sensitive or extra sensitive or allergic to certain ingredients.

Are the declarations about the products true and correct?

All the testimony and declaration about the products are true and correct. We have not given any false and wrong information.

What is the shelf life of all the cosmetics?

The shelf life of all cosmetics is 36 months from the date of manufacturing date mentioned on every product.

What are the shelf life of personal care and tools?
There is no expiry period for the Color Fever Make up brush Sets and personal care products.

Do we test our products on Animal’s?

No we do not test any of our products on Animal’s.

Where can I buy Color Fever On-Line?

You can buy Color Fever Products on-line at www.gobonjour.com and products are also available with most of the top eCommerce ¬†sites in India namely Amazon.in, snapdeal.com, paytm.com….

I want to become distributor?

Please call us , mail us through the details provided in the contact form.