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Liquid Liner

Apply eyeliner with short strokes, starting from the center of the eye & working towards the corners. Make sure the eyeliner you choose dries quickly to help avoid smudging. Avoid using liquid eyeliner on your lower eyelid. If you want some definition beneath your eye, draw a thin line with Read More

Smoky Eye

Your eyes can speak volumes!!! Dress them up and let the opposite sex get flattered. Simple rules for the Smoky eye look… For starters make sure you buy a Color Fever Eye Art (available in 3 Shades) pencil which comes with a smudger at the other end. Always helps to Read More

Eyes Beauy General Tips

To open up your eyes so that they appear livelier, place a dot of a light shade in the inner corner of each eye. For a natural-looking eyeliner and the illusion of lusher, fuller lashes, use a dark brown eye pencil and carefully press a series of dots between your Read More