Smoky Eye

May 17, 2015

Your eyes can speak volumes!!! Dress them up and let the opposite sex get flattered.

Simple rules for the Smoky eye look…

  • For starters make sure you buy a Color Fever Eye Art (available in 3 Shades) pencil which comes with a smudger at the other end.
  • Always helps to use the eye pencil smudger as its designed for that purpose.
  • Draw a line just above your eyelid, a nice think line, then use the smudger to blend it towards the end of your eye.
  • The same process you need to follow under eye. Once that’s done then take a black eye shadow and apply over the smudge. You blend that too that same way.
  • To accentuate your eyes and give it a little contouring you take a darkish grey eyeshadow and work the other way now… tip of your eye to just the centre of your eye.


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