Face Foundation

May 17, 2015

Blend the foundation all the way to your natural hairline with long, light strokes…

If under-eye circles or red spots remain, do not add more foundation; it can look heavy and cakey. Instead, try a concealer.
Choose the shade of your foundation carefully in natural light.
For daytime, mix your foundation with a light SPF moisturizer before applying for a smoother, sheerer application.

Quick Tips…

  • Foundation should be the perfect match to your skin tone.
  • Choose the correct base color with SPF so that it acts as a sun block as well.
  • Spread your foundation make-up in a downward stroke to keep the hair on your face from sticking up.
  • Also apply it around ears & down the neck.
  • If using your fingers, use your middle or ring finger so you’re not too rough on your skin
  • Loose powder over your concealer will keep it in place all day


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