Eyes Beauy General Tips

May 17, 2015
  • To open up your eyes so that they appear livelier, place a dot of a light shade in the inner corner of each eye.
  • For a natural-looking eyeliner and the illusion of lusher, fuller lashes, use a dark brown eye pencil and carefully press a series of dots between your lashes following your lash line.
  • For the sophisticated look, draw a smooth fine line alone the top lashes.
  • To create the dramatic look, draw a line inside your lash line (as close to the lashes as possible), then along the top of the lash line.
  • Don’t pump the applicator wand in the mascara tube. Doing so will trap air inside and cause the mascara to dry out. Instead, twist the wand to collect more mascara on the brush.

For super thick lashes…

Lightly powder lashes to give the mascara a coat to cling to. Let dry for at least one minute. Apply second coat.

Eye Pencils…

If they are too soft, refrigerate for 30 minutes before using.

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